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The important work of creating confidence

To create confidence before and during the birth is an incredibly important task that we do together. It not only strengthens the woman’s ability to cope with life but also gives a positive experience and prevents trauma and secondary fear of childbirth. Confident Birth (the title will change to "Give Birth Without Fear" On September 2020) provides instructor training for everyone working with pregnancy and birth. For the healthcare system, we have additional courses in our care model “SAFE”, which is a tool for implementing support and reducing stress and fear during pregnancy and childbirth.

Our goal 
We offer the most effective tools for a confident birth and a unique understanding of how emotions and birth physiology are linked. We want to give as many pregnant women and families as possible the opportunity to experience a confident, loving, and empowering childbirth. Together we reinforce the woman's confidence in her own body, becoming a parent and dealing with life’s challenges, which in turn leads to deeper connections, greater meaning, and better mental health for more people.
We provide training and tools 
Our instructor training and care model provide the tools you need to create more confidence for the pregnant woman and her partner or other support person. Through our training courses, we offer knowledge of how to increase confidence, prevent fear of childbirth, complications, and interventions, and thus how to work in a more long-term manner for better and less expensive care and increased psychosocial health.
Hands-on-support for a positive birth experience
Our care model “SAFE” (Stress and Fear Evaluation Model) offers concrete strategies for identifying and reducing fear and stress, as well as hands-on-strategies and action plans to reduce stress and fear in both antenatal care and clinics working with childbirth and fear of childbirth. Personnel in several Swedish counties have already been trained in and implemented “SAFE” as a tool for reducing stress and fear. We always adapt our courses to the client.

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“I genuinely use the tools every day in my work” 
“In my everyday work as a midwife, I use the tools almost constantly. In every meeting, either on the phone or in the clinic, I think, ‘Where is the woman emotionally? Where is her partner emotionally?’ From there, I use the tools to give the woman confidence. Relaxation is central, as the woman experiences it as so much less tiring when the body can rest. After that, it’s often breathing. Listening to your exhalation makes you calmer and more confident. So as you can tell, it works well and the more confident women and partners I deal with in my everyday life, the easier my work is”.