Read the book and understand the connections 
Confident Birth will change the title to "Give Birth Without Fear" from September 2020 was written for expecting parents by physiotherapist and doula Susanna Heli and first published by Pinter & Martin 2012. The book was originally published in Sweden 2009 where it sold more than 50 000 copies. Today Susanna is in the progress of translating and publishing the birth specific care model of the method "SAFE" - Emotional birth. 

The book gives you a wonderful feeling before you give birth” 

“The book shows you that the body knows how to give birth. It gives the pregnant woman and her support person the tools to deal with what is happening in the present. The tools seem obvious and simple. They are also fun and nice to use! Read the book and try out the exercises in it.
And don’t forget the tissues, because you’ll definitely need them when you read the amazing birth stories”.