We work globally for confidence 

Birth By Heart Global consists of Susanna Heli who, together with method instructors, gives lectures and teaches parents and professionals internationally. 

Our vision is that every birthing woman and partner has a confident and more loving birth. The company is passionate about health in childbirth, or salutogenesis, which simply means “health”, and about building a society in which both the pregnant woman and the health care professional have full confidence in the body and the baby’s ability to give birth and be born. We want to strengthen parents’ confidence in their own ability to cope with the challenges of parenthood and of life, which leads to deeper connections and greater meaning and mental health.

For the health care professional, we want to provide increased knowledge and confidence in offering support through our tools and models that focus on preventing a fear of childbirth, complications, and interventions, and thus to work in a long-term, sustainable manner towards better and less expensive care. 

  • Our goal is that giving birth should be a confident and empowering experience for all.
  • The method works in both the private sector and the public sector to ensure that support can be offered to all groups in society, regardless of financial circumstances or psychosocial health. 
  • This method works to spread the message that we are meant to give birth with confidence. At the same time, we see all emotions as normal during childbirth, and the method focuses on managing all of these emotions. No emotion is wrong. Fear is also normal.
  • We believe in the body’s ability to give birth. The method focuses on how this ability can be protected and maximised.
  • The method is suitable for anyone who is going to give birth. Whatever the delivery method, whether vaginal delivery or caesarean section, during complications or in the case of other choices, such as anaesthesia or birth location. We, therefore, adopt no particular position regarding anaesthesia, delivery method or birth location and respect the fact that every birth is a unique, individual experience.
  • We do not adopt a position for or against anaesthesia. The method relates to the management of birth. Research shows it is the management of the childbirth, pain and other challenges that are the most important component of the emotional experience. To manage emotions like stress, fear and anxiety, support and coping strategies are required. Anaesthesia can provide pain relief and act as a complement to management, but it can’t resolve these emotions alone.
  • The method focuses on the fact that management is key to an empowering experience.
  • And on the fact that all women who give birth, regardless of anaesthesia, delivery method, birth location or other choices, need support, tools and strategies to deal with the challenges that may arise during childbirth.
  • The experience of every woman must be respected and never evaluated or judged. 
  • Birth By Heart takes no responsibility for individuals’ actions or opinions.