Take the course and learn the tools 

The practical training in our childbirth classes gives you a unique opportunity to practice with the effective tools of Give Birth Without Fear together so that you become the best team and can more easily use them during the contractions. 

We combine theory, practice and the exercises to help you understand more about how you use the tools during birth and how your roles differ. This gives both you as the pregnant woman and your partner or another support person greater strength and makes you an unbeatable team. We recommend that you take the course from around week 25 until the birth. 

We offer three forms of our Chilbirth Class in English: 

In London, UK
with midwife Emilie Wicks. This will start after Covid-19 is under control.
In Stockholm, Sweden with founder Susanna Heli. Please vist our Swedish site to book here: www.fodautanradsla.se.

Live Online: 
This means that you attend a class from your home in real-time where ever you are in the world. We offer this class from London, UK with midwife Emilie Wicks. And from Sweden with founder Susanna Heli. 

Pre-recorded Digital class. This is a pre-recorded and very simple version of our class. This class will help you to do the exercises and understand the theory. 

Our classes are always for two people. The pregnant woman and her chosen support person. Time: The physical and Live Online is four hours long. The prerecorded is around five hours. Find dates and more information below!

Our "LIVE ONLINE" Childbirth class

Attend our virtual childbirth class in real-time! This means that you can participate in a live broadcast from your living room while we facilitate the physical class in one of our venues. You will be able to attend the class, practice all the exercises and techniques, all from the comfort of your own home. The instructors speak directly to you through the camera and answer all your individual questions as if you were participating in one of our physical classes. These sessions are not pre-recorded videos!
The practical training in our childbirth classes gives you and your birth partner a unique opportunity to try out the effective tools of the ‘Birth Without Fear’ method together so that you become the best team you can be for birth. We combine theory, practice, and exercises to help you understand more about how you can use the tools during your unique birth experience and how your two roles differ. Over the last ten years, more than 10,00 expectant parents in Sweden have completed our successful birth preparation class. 

Our aim is to maximise confidence in your body's ability to give birth and to empower your birth partner to provide you with the support that you need. Join us and book your class!

Free classes with midwife Emily Wicks
Right now we offer our childbirth class with midwife Emily Wicks from UK for free! You can find the dates under the booking button. 
This class is four hours long.

Class with founder Susanna Heli:
Price 65 euros for two people (Attend with your partner or chosen support person) 
This class is four hours long.

"DIGITAL" Childbirth class 

Our web-based childbirth class is taught by Susanna Heli, the author of the book Confident Birth which will change to 'Give Birth Without Fear' from September 2020,  and contains the same aspects as our physical preparatory courses. You will learn the basic theory and gain the knowledge to help you use the efficient Birth Without Fear tools during contractions. You will also receive practical training in how your partner or other support people can help you in the best way possible. 

Price: 20 Euros

The prerecorded class is around five hours.