"This delivery is the best thing I have experienced"

"Yes Mrs Heli you can’t imagine how much you helped me with your book “confident birth”. 
I bought it at the only 2015 “birthvoice” gathering that I could attend. I didn’t know you were invited.... your book was one of the things I wanted with me when I giving birth. I knew and I could recognize my fear.
I had a quick natural birth at a hospital. It is my second child. The previous birth was completely  different. It didn’t start by its own pace but it was a labor with appointment.... epidural......but no caesarean.

This delivery is the best thing I have experienced so far in my life. I feel it’s heeling effect even now!!!! It was just what I wished-dreamed. I think I healed many of the wounds - traumas of the past.  I Feel my feminine power, which I scarcely knew it was there. Thank you!!!"